DecisionCAMP-2017: Authors

Name Photo Brief Biography
Eric Mazeran


Dr. Eric MAZERAN heads the Decision Optimization R&D within IBM developing CPLEX, CP Optimizer, Decision Optimization Center, etc.
He is responsible for delivering innovative market-leading products based on Optimization & AI technologies in the area of Prescriptive Analytics.
Besides several executive roles in software development within IBM and ILOG, incl. leading the R&D of Business Rules some years ago, Eric has a strong technical background in Artificial Intelligence (author of Expert Systems, Expert System Shells, Knowledge Acquisition Systems, Rules Engines) and Software Architectures (author of Object Oriented Languages, Discrete Events Simulation software, Network Management System software, etc.) and has accrued 25+ year experience of applications in the field of AI & decision automation with many different companies and industries.
Eric holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), a Master in Robotics and CS (INSA) and a Master/Engineer’s Degree in Civil Engineering (ENTPE).
Eric is passionate about applying findings in architecture & epistemology to AI technology and software.Eric Mazeran is a keynote speaker at RuleML+RR+DecisionCAMP-2017
Bruce Silver

Founder and co-chair of the annual bpmNEXT conference, Bruce Silver is a well-known consultant, industry analyst, and educator specializing in BPM. He is founder and Principal of BPMessentials, the world’s leading provider of BPMN training and certification, and Author of BPMN Method and Style and DMN Method and Style, Dr Silver served on the OMG technical committees that developed the BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.1 standards. Previously, he served on the board of directors of Captiva Software until its acquisition by EMC in 2005, and was Vice President and head of workflow and document management research at the industry analyst firm BIS Strategic Decisions (which became Giga Information Group, now Forrester Research). In the 1980s, he was engineering manager at Wang Labs in charge of one of the very first commercial document imaging and workflow systems. He holds Physics degrees from Princeton and MIT, and four patents in imaging and workflow.
Alan Fish


Alan is an authority in Decision Modelling and Decision Management, especially in the support and/or automation of organisational decision-making. With over 30 years experience in this field, he has been responsible for many projects at the forefront of current technology. He invented the “Decision Requirements Diagram” (DRD) which exposes the structure of a domain of decision-making, and developed Decision Requirements Analysis (DRA): a methodology for building and using such decision models. He is the author of “Knowledge Automation: How To Implement Decision Management in Business Processes” (Wiley), and a co-author of the OMG specification Decision Model and Notation (DMN).

Eugene C. Freuder


Insight Centre


  Professor Freuder likes to say that he is in the business of helping computers help people make better decisions. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, Professor Freuder is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the European Association for Artificial Intelligence, and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the Constraints journal, and has received both the Research Excellence Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Constraint Programming. Research centres he directed obtained funding from over twenty companies. He has served on the technical advisory boards of Canadian and French companies and as advisor to U.S. and Irish companies.
Jan Vanthienen

K.U. Leuven

Jan Vanthienen is professor of information management at K.U. Leuven (Belgium), Business Information Systems Group, where he is teaching and researching on business rules and business intelligence, information and knowledge management. The area of business rules modeling, validation and verification, and decision modeling has been his major area of research and expertise for many years
James Taylor

Decision Management Solutions

  James Taylor is the CEO of Decision Management Solutions and is a leading expert in how to use business rules and analytic technology to build decision management systems. He is passionate about using decision management systems to help companies improve decision-making and develop an agile, analytic and adaptive business. He provides strategic consulting to companies of all sizes, working with clients in all sectors to adopt decision-making technology. James is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and contributes to standards such as the IIBA’s BABOK® Guide and OMG’s Decision Model and Notation (DMN). James has been using DMN since its inception, and decision modeling since before then, on analytic and business rules projects of every type.
James is co-author (with Jan Purchase) of the book Real World Decision Modeling with DMN (2016) a comprehensive guide to decision modelling with DMN and previously wrote the Microguide To Process and Decision Modeling with BPMN/DMN (2014) with Tom Debevoise, Decision Management Systems (2011) and Smart (Enough) Systems (2007) with Neil Raden. He also writes a regular blog at JT on EDM
Jacob Feldman


Dr. Jacob Feldman is CTO of OpenRules, a NJ corporation that created and maintains the highly popular Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as “OpenRules” ( He has extensive experience in development and support of decisioning software using business rules, optimization, and machine learning technologies for real-­world mission-­critical applications. He is a frequent presenter at the major business rules and decision management forums. Jacob is also a Specification Lead for the JCP standard JSR-­331 “Constraint Programming API”. He is an author of the recently published book “DMN in Action with OpenRules” and he will run a RuleML+RR tutorial “DecisionModeling with DMN and OpenRules” on July 12.
Tom Debevoise


Tom Debevoise is the Chief Evangelist for Business Decision Management of Signavio. Tom is a leading authority in Business Decision Management (BDM), BPM and Business Rules. He has experience providing next-generation solutions in DMN and BPM. Tech experience in the domains of Financials, Petroleum Logistics, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial Manufacturing. He has modeled decisions and processes for such agencies as the Navy, the Defense Logistics Agency, and for large corporations in the areas of finance, supply chain planning, security and next-generation power systems. Tom is the author of three books including “The MicroGuide to Process Modeling and Decision Modeling in BPMN/DMN”.
Larry Goldberg


Larry Goldberg is an evangelist for Sapiens DECISION, and as a member of the senior management team is responsible for all products in the Sapiens Decision company. He was Co-founder and Managing Partner of Knowledge Partners International LLC, acquired by Sapiens Decision, and has over forty years of experience in building technology based companies on four continents. Commercial applications in which he played a primary architectural role include such diverse domains as banking, healthcare, supply chain, property & casualty insurance, and enterprise modeling tools. He has been the business lead and/or business sponsor on many major projects in both the public and private sector, and is a trusted adviser to senior executives from major corporations. Larry is a leading international authority on business requirements, and is the co-author of the best-selling book “The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology” (Auerbach, New York 2009).
Marcia Gottgtroy

Inland Revenue NZ

  Dr. Marcia Gottgtroy is Data Scientist Lead, Decision Management at Inland Revenue New Zealand. A Bachelor in Computer Science when Artificial Intelligence was in its gold days and an exposure to challenging projects involving risk and decision management led Marcia to develop a passion for Decision systems and BRMS. With a M.SC in Artificial Intelligence and a D.SC in Engineering, in the last 30 years Marcia has been involved and led the development of Decision management solutions in a range of areas, from deep sea technology, agriculture, logistics and tax lately. Marcia has always been a true believer and practitioner of knowledge in action through the application of knowledge engineering principles and hybrid solution approaches.
Edson Tirelli

Red Hat


Edson Tirelli is JBoss Drools/Red Hat BRMS Project Lead, responsible for the roadmap, architecture, development and delivery of the product. Experiences with a variety of Java related technologies and frameworks, including JEE, JSE, WS/REST, JVM architecture and bytecode generation, ANTLR and JIT compilation, among others.

Denis Gagné


  For over a decade Denis Gagné has been a driving force in the majority of international BPM standards in use today. He is a member of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) Steering Committee, chair of the Business Process Simulation Working Group (BPSWG), and co-Editor of the XPDL 2.2 process definition standard. For the Object Management group (OMG), Denis is the Chair of the BPMN Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG), and a member of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) team and Decision Management (DMN) team.


Geoffrey De Smet

Red Hat

  Geoffrey De Smet is the founder and project lead of OptaPlanner (, the leading open source constraint satisfaction solver in Java. He enjoys assisting developers optimize challenging planning problems of real-world enterprises. He also participates regularly in academic competitions. He started coding Java in 1999 and he regularly contributes to other open source projects too.
Jan Purchase

Lux Magi Ltd

  Dr. Jan Purchase has been working in investment banking for 19 years, the last 13 of which he has focused exclusively on helping clients with business decision management, decision modelling (in TDM and DMN), business rules management and business process modelling. He is a founder of Lux Magi Financial Rules ( a company specializing in delivering, training and mentoring all of these concepts to financial organizations. Lux Magi has been applying decision modelling to the automation of finance and regulatory compliance since 2011 to support their clients in becoming and remaining compliant with ever changing regulations. Mr Purchase is co‐author (with James Taylor) of the book Real World Decision Modeling with DMN a comprehensive guide to decision modelling with DMN.
Bastian Steinert


  Dr. Bastian Steinert is a Product Manager at Signavio
Silvie Spreeuwenberg 


  Dr. Silvie Spreeuwenberg is a professional in IT and authority in business rules. She translates her background in artificial intelligence to practical solutions for the industry and governments. Her solutions are characterised by a direct connection between operations and policy, plain and understandable language and consequently ownership by domain experts.
Nigel Crowther


Vijay Bandekar


  Dr. Vijay Bandekar is a leading professional in applied Artificial Intelligence. Vijay is the CEO of InteliOps, Inc. – an Enterprise AI Platform company. Vijay has delivered rules based reasoning applications to marquee companies including FannieMae, CISCO, Specific Media, Department of Defense, Bank of America, Verizon, American Express and Siemens. His background includes applied AI technologies such as in-memory decision engines, machine learning, big-data analytics, and enterprise applications. Vijay’s academic credentials include Ph. D. in AI from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, a MS in Industrial Technology
Tim Stephenson

Omny Link Limited

  Tim came to decision management from the associated field of business process management where he has participated in numerous standards within the WfMC and OMG for over a decade. With the Decision Model and Notation’s emergence in 2014 and 15 he saw the opportunity to finally pull these related fields into the closer harmony that real world use had long called for and founded Currently Tim runs a consultancy practice at and hosted process and decision execution systems at