RuleML+RR 2017: Schedule

All days
Tuesday July 11, 2017
3PM – 9PM
Registration and Meet & Greet (Wine & Nibbles)

Wednesday July 12, 2017
8:45AM – 9AM
Official opening
9AM – 10AM
Elena Baralis (chair: Peter Wood)
10AM – 10:30AM
On the Chase for All Provenance Paths With Existential Rules
Abdelraouf Hecham, Pierre Bisquert and Madalina Croitoru (chair: Peter Wood)
10:30AM – 11AM
Semantic DMN: Formalizing Decision Models with Domain Knowledge
Diego Calvanese, Marlon Dumas, Fabrizio Maria Maggi and Marco Montali (chair: Peter Wood)
11AM – 11:30AM

11:30AM – 12PM
Three Methods for Revising Hybrid Knowledge Bases
Sebastian Binnewies, Zhiqiang Zhuang and Kewen Wang (chair: Harold Boley)
12PM – 12:30PM
Using Rule Based Reasoning for RDF Validation
Dörthe Arndt, Ben De Meester, Anastasia Dimou, Ruben Verborgh and Erik Mannens (chair: Harold Boley)
12:30PM – 1PM
Verifying Controllability of Time-Aware Business Processes
Emanuele De Angelis, Fabio Fioravanti, Maria Chiara Meo, Alberto Pettorossi and Maurizio Proietti (chair: Harold Boley)
1PM – 2PM

2PM – 3:45PM
Jacob Feldman (chair: Marco Montali)
2:15PM – 3:45PM
Robert Kowalski, Fariba Sadri and Miguel Calejo (chair: Stefania Costantini)
3:45PM – 4:15PM

4:15PM – 6PM
Francesca Alessandra Lisi (chair: Marco Montali)
4:15PM – 5:45PM
Robert Kowalski, Fariba Sadri and Miguel Calejo (chair: Stefania Costantini)
6PM – 7PM
MAL 256
RRA Steering Committee
6PM – 7PM
RuleML Steering Committee
Thursday July 13, 2017
9AM – 10:30AM
Benjamin Grosof, Michael Kifer and Paul Fodor (chair: Stefania Costantini)
10:30AM – 11AM

11AM – 12:30PM
Benjamin Grosof, Michael Kifer and Paul Fodor (chair: Stefania Costantini)
11AM – 12:30PM
Riccardo Zese (chair: Marco Montali)
12:30PM – 2PM

2PM – 3PM
Stephen Muggleton (chair: Fariba Sadri)
3PM – 3:30PM
Rewriting Queries with Negated Atoms
Enrique Matos Alfonso and Giorgos Stamou (chair: Fariba Sadri)
3:30PM – 4PM

4PM – 4:30PM
A set-theoretic approach to ABox reasoning services
Domenico Cantone, Marianna Nicolosi-Asmundo and Daniele Francesco Santamaria (chair: Francesca Lisi)
4:30PM – 5PM
Inconsistency-tolerant Instance Checking in Tractable Description Logics
Rafael Peñaloza (chair: Francesca Lisi)
5PM – 5:30PM
Fast ABox Consistency Checking using Incomplete Reasoning and Caching
Christian Meilicke, Daniel Ruffinelli, Andreas Nolle, Heiko Paulheim and Heiner Stuckenschmidt (chair: Francesca Lisi)
7PM – 11PM
Dinner (followed by a talk from Bob Kowalski: Logic and AI – The Last 50 Years)
(please arrive by 6:30PM or earlier)

Friday July 14, 2017
9AM – 10AM
Eric Mazeran (chair: Jacob Feldman)
10AM – 10:30AM

10:30AM – 10:45AM
From Standards and Regulations to Executable Rules: A Case Study in the Building Accessibility Domain
Ling Shi and Dumitru Roman (chair: Mark Proctor)
10:45AM – 11AM
Rule-based Reasoning in Semantic Text Analysis
Ivan Rygaev (chair: Mark Proctor)
11AM – 11:15AM
Using rules for assessing and improving data quality: A case study for the Norwegian State of Estate report
Ling Shi and Dumitru Roman (chair: Mark Proctor)
11:15AM – 11:30AM
The Effectiveness of DMN for Cross Vendor Interoperability
Mark Proctor and Edson Tirelli (chair: Enrique Matos Alfonso)
11:30AM – 12PM
A Decidable Confluence Test for Cognitive Models in ACT-R
Daniel Gall and Thom Fruehwirth (chair: Giovanni De Gasperis)
12PM – 12:30PM
(Best DC paper) ArgQL: A Declarative Language for Querying Argumentative Dialogues
Dimitra Zografistou (chair: Giovanni De Gasperis)
12:30PM – 2PM
(Doctoral Consortium: lunch with mentors)

2PM – 2:15PM
Event Detection and Diagnosis for Intelligent Transport Systems
Patrik Schneider (chair: Antonis Bikakis)
2:15PM – 2:30PM
Mining, Representation and Reasoning with Temporal Expressions in the Legal Domain
María Navas-Loro (chair: Antonis Bikakis)
2:30PM – 2:45PM
Semantic Web of Things for Industry 4.0
Aparna Saisree Thuluva,Darko Anicic and Sebastian Rudolph (chair: Antonis Bikakis)
2:45PM – 3PM
Deception-aware pragmatic inference
Katerina Papantoniou (chair: Antonis Bikakis)
3PM – 3:15PM
Towards scalable ontological reasoning using machine learning
Daniel Ruffinelli (chair: Antonis Bikakis)
3:15PM – 3:30PM
Poster teasers
3:30PM – 4:30PM
Poster session
4:30PM – 5:10PM
(Invited) Concurrent Multi-tasking Robotic Agent Programming in TeleoR
Keith L. Clark (chair: Stefania Costantini)
5:10PM – 5:35PM
Port Clearance Rules in PSOA RuleML: From Controlled-English Regulation to Object-Relational Logic
Gen Zou, Harold Boley, Dylan Wood and Kieran Lea (chair: Stefania Costantini)
5:35PM – 6PM
Development of the rule based approach to traffic management by the Dutch road authorities
Silvie Spreeuwenberg and Rolf Krikke (chair: Stefania Costantini)
6PM – 7PM
RuleML and RR Joint Committee
Saturday July 15, 2017
9AM – 10AM
Jordi Cabot (chair: Giovanni De Gasperis)
10AM – 10:30AM
An Online Tool for Tuning Fuzzy Logic Programs
Ginés Moreno and José Antonio Riaza Valverde (chair: Giovanni De Gasperis)
10:30AM – 11AM

11AM – 11:30AM
Can My Test Case Run on Your Test Plant? A Logic-Based Compliance Check and its Evaluation on Real Data
Daniela Briola and Viviana Mascardi (chair: Fabio Fioravanti)
11:30AM – 12PM
Hybrid ASP-based Approach to Pattern Mining
Sergey Paramonov, Daria Stepanova and Pauli Miettinen (chair: Fabio Fioravanti)
12PM – 12:30PM
Dischargeable Obligations in Abductive Logic Programming
Marco Alberti, Marco Gavanelli, Evelina Lamma, Fabrizio Riguzzi and Riccardo Zese (chair: Fabio Fioravanti)
12:30PM – 2PM

2PM – 2:30PM
Representing, Querying, and Visualizing Health-Insurance Knowledge in a Cost-Sharing Estimator
Zainab Almugbel and Harold Boley (chair: Francesco Santamaria)
2:30PM – 3PM
Managing Diabetes: counselling supported by user data in a mobile platform
Diogo Machado, Inês Dutra, Pedro Brandão and Vítor Santos Costa (chair: Francesco Santamaria)
3PM – 3:30PM
Outlier (Anomaly) Detection Modelling in PMML
Jaroslav Kuchař, Tomas Kliegr and Adam Ashenfelter (chair: Francesco Santamaria)
3:30PM – 3:45PM

3:45PM – 4:30PM
Standards session: PSOA RuleML 1.0, LegalRuleML
Harold Boley, Adrian Paschke (chair: Stefania Costantini)
4:30PM – 5PM
Prizes and Closing Session